Casino Tidbits

Casino gambling has been a growth industry in the United States for the past 30 years. The number of states allowing some form of casino gambling has risen from one in about 1978 to around 27 at the end of the 1990's. Casinos can be found in destination resorts, in former mining towns, on riverboats, in cities and in the country, and on Indian reserves. In 1970, when casinos were only legal in Nevada, the net amount of money won by casinos from all customers was $540 million. In the late 1990's these gross gaming revenues had grown to $25 billion. The economic success of casino gambling has been mirrored in the rapid growth of Nevada. Both the state of Nevada and it's major city Las Vegas have been among the fastest growing states and cities in the country over the last 40 years. So, what does the internet on-line gambling trend portend?

Casino Tidbits and Tips for All Players

pnone casinoMany excellent slots games are available for fun and real money at online and mobile casinos. The best slots are games with high returns and colorful symbols or storylines. These games could be three, five, or seven reels, including set paylines, winning ways, or group payouts. Details of each game are given in the paytable, and players can try out each game, learning about the different features. Additional features in a game include free spins, pick-and-win games, matching and changing symbols, payouts for completing tasks, bonus trails, and bonus wheels. The excitement of slots games can be further enhanced with extra bonuses through progressive jackpots and gamble buttons. The progressive jackpots rise with each bet and are won randomly or with set symbols. A gamble button is a personal choice offering a chance to double or increase winnings when guessing suits and colors of cards, sides of coins, or spinning bonus wheels. Slots are fascinating, fun, and full of winning opportunities.

Best Online Casinos

Outside bodies approve top online casinos for being fair and secure. The best online and mobile casinos offer an excellent selection of casino games, including many slots and table games, with the addition of poker options, specialty games, and video poker. Special bonuses and unique offers are presented to all players that boost the play. Full support is available day and night through live chat, email, and phone, with the addition of questions and answers provided about the Casino. The best online casinos do not need downloading and are constantly updating their games and promotions, staying ahead in the marketplace.

Free Slot Machines

3 All slots games are free to play and, even better, are free to try out. Games with progressive jackpots can also be tried before making real money bets. The free slots machines mean that players do not have to commit to anything and can instantly start playing the games in fun or real money mode. The types of games vary, including three, five, six, and seven reel games from multiple software companies. Games have paylines, winning ways, and group payouts with extra options that boost payouts and give players more potential to succeed. All free games do not require any commitment by the player and can be enjoyed anytime or at night.

New Slots

New Slots Multiple software providers introduce new slots games regularly at online and mobile casinos. The new games are released after months of development and research, checking what players want and often relating to current affairs or certain times in the year. For example, Christmas-themed games are released in November, summer party games in June, and Halloween games at the beginning of October. The new games can be standard slots, or they can be new style slots with winning ways and no set paylines, or they can be games with cluster payouts and cascading winnings.

Slots for USA players

Play Slots USA players enjoy slots games close to home and center on historical events or nature local to the country. Players like to find something familiar in the slots they play, and games aimed at the USA players may include past presidents, turkeys for Thanksgiving or gold mining, and other historical events. The slots games for USA players are available at US-friendly Casinos, where they can be played in practice and real money mode for fun and real money.

Slots for UK Players

Some of the best slots games, called fruit machines, emanated from the UK and were prominent in the UK pub scene. Today these games and many other types of slots are available for online and mobile casino players from the UK. They are colorful slots games with classic fruit symbols and special features leading to high payouts. All the UK slots games can be played in practice and real money mode and are available at UK-friendly Casinos.

Pokies Australia Games

Australians call slots pokies, and these games are available everywhere for fun and real money. The pokies games are provided by the same suppliers as slots and played in the same way with practice and real money modes. In addition, there are different colorful and exciting games, taking players on safari trips, into the future, through the past, and into worlds of fantasy and fiction. Online and mobile pokies are trendy among Australian players who prefer not to travel too much and can enjoy the games from the comfort of their home and office or on vacation.

Demo Games

Demo games are essential for all players. Without the demo game, players would jump into the deep end and try to understand the game chosen while spending real money. The demo game option has no limits; players can enjoy the demo game for as long as they want and learn all about the game in this way. It is recommended that every player tries out new slots games in the demo mode.

RTP Slot Bonuses

RTP slot bonuses are the return-to-player bonuses given through playing the slots games. The return to the player is not immediate; it is a return given over time to players when playing a particular game. The RTP is a percentage meaning that over time that percentage is paid back. The higher the RTP of a game, the more winning opportunities players have.

Mobile Slots

Mobile slots do not need downloading; they are free to try out and play. The mobile slots games are played the same way as regular slots games, just on a smaller screen and with touch controls. Mobile slots games provide extra convenience for players, allowing them to enjoy games wherever they are and on the move for free and place real money bets where desired.

Slots for PC

Clear graphics and great sound with the best quality are always found with the slots for PC. These games are the leading choice for online players and now, in many casinos, do not have to be downloaded. These games are free to try and free to play with different coin sizes making the games suitable for all player levels and ensuring that players can also try out the games. Slots for PC are a comfortable way to play casino games.

Slots App

The slots App provides direct access for mobile players to a selection of slots games provided by different software providers. The slots App can offer games from multiple software companies or be specific for one type of slots game and software provider. Using the slots App for gaming is convenient and easy.

Slots for iPad/Android/iPhone

Instant slots access through mobile devices does not need any download. The iPad, iPhone, and android slots games are free to try out and play, offering real money options. Each game is accessed through the Casino's web browser, and the game controls are by touch. The graphics of mobile slots games are excellent, and the sound is good, too, providing the same experience as an online casino with the extra convenience of being mobile.

Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments are a perfect way to get familiar with a game without spending money or less. Tournaments are generally free to join, or a small amount is charged. The tournaments run for a specific time, some a few days, and players work their way up through the leaderboard. The top players win payouts and also gain the experience of playing slots games without having to spend large amounts of money. Tournaments run to schedules, and players must sign up in advance to join the online and mobile tournaments.