Bounding Luck Slots

Thousands of years ago, China built the biggest wall the world has ever seen to keep all its secrets and mysteries safe. China was the first place to discover silk, and gunpowder and a distinctive art style that is still celebrated all over the world today. There are many mysteries hiding in China, ancient wisdom and knowledge that is yet to be discovered. Ad the Chinese zodiac is full of mysteries to discover. The Chinese zodiac is at the center of the design for Bounding Luck Slots.

Bounding Luck

Bounding Luck slots uses the artwork and imagery and mysteries of China and combines them all together to create a fun, interactive game that's full of the luck of the Chinese zodiac. The rabbit is one of the luckiest of all animals in the zodiac. When you see a rabbit while you're playing Boumding Luck Slots, it's a sign of great luck.

Will you be lucky when you play this game?

The Design

Boundling Luck slots has the classic look of many slots games but it has the familiar artwork and design you see in Chinese-themed imagery. In the background of the game, two pretty hanging lanterns swing and sway as they light the board up with a soft glow.

The game board itself is a five-reel, four-row slots game that is full of different, colorful images and graphics that showcase Chinese design at its best.

Playing the Game

Look for the rabbit while the reels spin around and around. The rabbit appears in several different ways in this game. You will see one that is holding lots of gold. Another rabbit is pictured on a red envelope, which is another strong symbol of good luck in Chinese culture. There is another rabbit on a big gold coin.

Mixed into the game are other familiar symbols associated with Chinese art and culture. These graphics include firecrackers, more Chinese lanterns, letters and numbers and of course, wild cards.

Winning Big

Bounding Luck Slots stands out even among other slots games not just because it is beautiful to look at but also because there are more than 1,0000 different ways to win when you play. That's how many different winning combinations there are. That means the odds are truly in your favor every single time you spin the reels. There are also some truly huge payout opportunities that make it worth your while to put time into this game.

Finding Luck with Bounding Luck Slots

Will you be lucky when you play Boundign Luck Slots? Search for this game at online casinos that offer new and popular slots games and you are likely to find it. The only way to know how your luck is doing is to put it to the test!