Spotting Unfair Bonus Terms

As we are all aware, there are many bonuses that are offered in online casinos. Some of them may like new and shiny, but often, there are terms and conditions that we are not familiar with because we can never find the energy to read all of the fine print. However, this is very wrong to do, as it can result in us players getting scammed from our money. If this sounds like you, which we are all sometimes, then feel free to keep on reading this review. We are going to be discussing all of the signs to look out for, so if there's something peculiar about a bonus term, you can spot it immediately.

Rules to spot an unfair bonus term

As we are all aware, the list of terms and conditions in the bonus terms can be pretty lengthy, which is why a lot of us avoid them. Below, we're going to be discussing the general rules that you can use to catch them out. The first thing to remember is if a bonus has got an excessively high wagering requirement. This can be anywhere from 60 - 70 x the bet, which is ridiculous. This is an immediate red flag to look out for, so don't let it slip past you.

The next one to look out for the murky game eligibility rules. If these are unclear and not making any sense when you read them, then this is another huge red indicator. Be sure to look out for these ones in particular, because they can be pretty tricky. With these tricks in particular, you can end up losing a lot of time and your valuable earnings, so make sure to stay alert.

Another great fact to look out for includes the vague, open ended term ones, as these are pretty easy to spot out. If a bonus is legit, then all of the terms will be clear and to the point, however there are others that jabber on and don't really make any sense. They do this for a reason, to confuse you, so don't let them fool you now or ever.

The last one that we're going to discuss is the harsh penalties for early cash out. Online casinos don't tend to do this, so if you find one that does for a bonus that you'd like, then it's probably best to steer clear.

Conclusions about the rules to spot an unfair bonus term

I hope that this short list of rules and facts has helped you to feel more prepared to examine casino bonuses, and how to spot the bad ones. Good luck, and have a safe time gaming!