Casino Marketing Reservation Style

We live close to an American Indian reservation. This is one of the oldest reservations in the state. For many years it was also one of the poorest areas of the state. About fifteen years ago they built an Indian casino on the southern end of the reservation land. As the result of creative and constant casino marketing the Native Americans in this area have been able to develop a healthy infra structure for their band members.

When they first opened the casino it was a steel building that had a small restaurant area, a few black jack tables and about one hundred slot machines. They had a few people that came out of curiosity to see what the casino was all about. They also hired a casino marketing company. This company did a great job of coming up with creative advertisement campaigns for radio, television, and print. They developed many promotions to get people to come and then developed the use of rewards cards to keep people coming back. As a result of the casino marketing campaigns the casino now has several hundred black jack tables, thousands of slot machines four restaurants and a hotel with more than five hundred rooms. They have also added a conference and events center and host many big name concerts each year. In addition they opened a second casino about 45 miles away on trust land. This casino is even bigger with more hotel rooms and also a golf course. The casino marketing company has helped them develop golf and fishing packages along with the gambling.

This rapid expansion of bringing the gaming industry to this area of the state has created many jobs. The area also benefits from increased sales in gasoline, bait and tackle, and shopping in the area. The casino marketing company has done a thorough job of researching the other businesses is the area to make sure that the local economy is positively impacted by the growth of the casino.

In addition to the increased revenue in the local businesses there have also been the improved living conditions on the reservation. The casino marketing company has made sure that the homes that are visible from the casino area are well maintained. A government center has been built along with a school and clinic. The band members are now able to live healthier lives with increased hope for the future of their youth. The decrease in their poverty and opportunities for the future are also keeping the young members more interested in staying in the area of the reservation.