Funzpoints is the farthest thing from a standard online casino that you will find. It's a cross between a casino, a social site, and a sweeps stakes platform. You can visit the website and play without spending a dime, and you only need to be 18 years of age. 49 of the 50 US states allow Funzpoints. The big ta-da moment here is the daily jackpot raffle, but in a raffle, you would typically buy tickets to enter, and you don't have to do that here. Simply play the free casino games to gather tickets to join. Funzpoints also operates in two different modes, standard, and premium. In standard mode, no money is involved, but in premium mode, players can cash points from playing into real money and withdraw it. You will bet on each game that you play based on the number of points that you accumulate from playing and spinning the wheel every 180 minutes. Funzpoints does not have a gaming license, but they don't need one under the sweep stakes laws that they abide by. This is a slot game site, but there is one Keno game.

Sign Up

Just register for an account by answering a few questions and then create a password. Anyone can sign up, with the exception of Washington residents. Check your email and click on the validation link. Choose a mode that you will start playing in. Be sure to snatch up your welcome bonus! Add Funzpoints on your social media channels for even more rewards. They are exceptionally generous around the holidays. Every step that you take to register will award you with a generous amount of points.

VIP Program

Any player that spends a minimum of $4.99 a month will become a VIP, and all VIPs get enhanced benefits. The program runs like other traditional casinos; the more you spend, the more you are rewarded. You will get extra points, gain access to the room of awards to collect your own, play with no ads, and have the ability to play booster games for bigger prizes.


The idea is always to get as many points as you can. Make sure you are part of the daily draw by spinning the wheel, but there are more ways to jack up your points. Even in standard mode, there are booster games that show up randomly, albeit more so in premium mode. Make use of every opportunity in the Funzone. Send an email to the company and grab even more points. Always claim the mystery prizes.


To make a deposit, it must be a minimum of $4.99, and this can be done via Visa, Mastercard, and prepaid card. When you make a deposit, you will receive Funzpoints for playing with. A deposit of $4.99 will give you 1000 standard points and 500 premium points. The number of points increases with the amount of your deposit. The max deposit is $99.99, and for that, you get 20000 standard points and 10000 premium points. You can start withdrawing cash at $20 with a cap of $2k. All withdrawals are made through your bank and processed within two days.

Customer Support

Customer Support is available by email or Facebook. A FAQ section is also available.