Bovada Vouchers

The Bovada voucher system is a peer-to-peer trading option in which players can sell vouchers that can then be spent at the Casino. The voucher is anonymous, and its value and validity is proven through an extended fourteen-digit code. The voucher can be funded by Casino funds or from outside the Casino and can only be used once the player has received an email with the voucher amount and the confirmation code. The voucher system ensures that the player remains anonymous since all he needs to do is use the voucher code to realize the money. With the code, the funds are deposited directly into the Casino and ready for players to use.

Three-Stage Deposit Options Using Voucher Codes

A voucher can be purchased from another player in the voucher community, a player can purchase the voucher outright with available funds, or he can convert funds that he has won into a voucher for trading with another player. Once the player has a voucher, it is straightforward to use. He selects the voucher option in the banking area, inputs the code that the voucher holds, and then selects all the amount or a partial amount. The vouchers at Bovada provide players with a perfect way to spend money safely, securely, and anonymously.