Demystifying Casino Jargon: A Glossary for Beginners

New Casino players are often baffled by online and mobile Casinos' different words and descriptions. The words are descriptive, and they are also action based. Some words are extra, and some make up the essence of every online Casino. Whichever new word in the following list should be understood, remembered, and used.

The Online Casino Language Glossary of Words

Action - this has a very similar meaning to real life, and it is the bet a player will make in a game, causing a reaction that can bring a winning payout.

Bankroll- this is a significant word to remember. The amount a player holds in his Casino account and how much he will bet on any of the games. The bankroll needs to be limited to control spending and not overspend. Players often refer to bankroll as the total amount in a Casino account, but this is a mistake; the amount the player is willing to bet and has transferred to the Casino; should not include the winnings.

Random Number Generator - this is the way games are controlled. A random number generator is a computer-generated algorithm that ensures every result in the game is fair and random. Games that do not run with a random number generator, also known as an RNG, should not be played.

Return to the player - the Return to Player or RTP is the percentage amount that a player can receive in return when playing a game over time. The RTP is most commonly quoted for slot games but is given in other games. A mistake is often made when a player believes that the RTP is for every bet placed; it is not. The RTP is worked out over time and can even be the average of playing a game over a year.

Cashback - this is given through an offer or bonus and is the percentage a player can receive in return for his losses. Cashback rewards vary per Casino and offer, and it is essential to check if they are based on one bet, a series of bets, or a time period.

Insurance is similar to cashback, a percentage payable on losses given over time or for specific games or weeks when playing. The offer will detail the insurance terms and conditions.

Casino License - Players should never choose a Casino without a license. The license is given to trustworthy Casinos that pay what they promise, stand behind every offer, and offer a fair gaming experience. The licenses are registered in different offshore locations, and the Casino should also detail where the license is from.

Progressive Jackpots - progressive jackpots are a jackpot amount continuously growing with every bet. The jackpot is shown on the main page of the Casino and can be won in several ways, including at random when matching symbols or completing specific tasks given. Some Casino games offer more than one jackpot with all details on screen or in the game's paytable.

Dealer - the dealer is especially relevant in Live Casino games where he controls the game and interacts with the player. Live Dealer games are run in real-time only and include table games with some Casinos, including bingo and TV game shows.

Encryption - This is a keyword when checking the deposit and withdrawal options. Players are assured of complete security when making transactions, and these are enacted through full encryption, no matter which deposit or withdrawal option is used.

Free Spins - free spins are bonuses which are prevalent in slot games. The bonus free spins for all players are attached to a specific game and often have to be used within a time frame. In slots and other games where free spins are given, it is based on the rules of that specific game.

Tournaments are interactive challenges with other players who play the same game. In other words, it is a competition, and the player needs to win to receive a payout or come in the top five. Some tournaments last a few days or a week, and the player can see his name on a leaderboard as he works his way up to the top.

Pokies - These are, in fact, slots and played the same way as slots games. Only in Australia and New Zealand are slots referred to as pokies.

Ante Bet is a new type of bet introduced in slot games, offering more symbols that can trigger a bonus. Traditionally the ante bet is a poker term for a mandatory initial bet.

eCogra - this is one of the many approved certifications for online and mobile Casinos, giving a stamp of approval that appears at the bottom of each Casino page.