Exploring Roulette: Rules, Strategies, and Variations

In 18th Century France, a man called Blaise Pascale came up with the idea of a numbered spinning wheel and throwing a ball into it to see where the ball would come to rest. This was the first instance and record of Roulette, which, over the years, developed and moved around the world but kept the same principle of a moving wheel and a ball being thrown into motion, waiting to see where it would come to land. Today there are two main types of Roulette offered at land-based Casinos in addition to online and mobile options. The American Roulette wheel has thirty-seven positions comprising eighteen red numbers, eighteen black numbers, a single zero pocket, and a double zero pocket. The numbers range from 0-18, with the zero always being green. The European Roulette game has thirty-six positions with a single zero pocket and numbers ranging from 0 to 36, holding red and black numbers.

Betting Options and Odds In Roulette Games

Bets are classified into two main groups when playing Roulette. All bets are placed on the betting felt green that sits physically or virtually to the side of the wheel. Inside bets are on single or small groups of numbers and pay out high odds. Outside bets are groups of bets on larger groups of numbers and offer odds of 2:1. When searching for the best Roulette strategy, and it is always recommended to place at least one inside bet and one outside bet per spin. Inside bets include the following: Straight up - a bet on a single number giving odds of 35:1. Split bets are bets on two adjacent numbers, giving odds of 17:1. Street bets are bets on three numbers in a row, giving odds of 11:1. A Corner bet is on four numbers that meet in one position, odds for this bet are 8:1. A line bet covers six numbers and is a bet on two lines of three numbers each and gives odds of 5:1. The Outside bets include column bets, dozens of bets, red or black colored bets, odd or even bets or high and low bets. Roulette is a game of luck, and to cover all aspects, it is always recommended to bet on both inside and outside bets and start with low-value bets, increasing the value of bets as the winnings pour in and confidence grows.