Blackjack Online for Real Money at Bovada Casino

Bovada offers what seems to be two main types of Blackjack at the Casino, but when looking closer, players will learn that there are a lot more options. Bovada is an award-winning site offering direct access to the Casino, live Casino, sportsbook, and poker rooms for both online and mobile players. Registration is quick, and once complete, the new player can start enjoying any of the Blackjack games in fun mode apart from live Blackjack. Live Blackjack can only be played in real time, and players need to sign up for the games in advance. Each game is scheduled, and players receive a reminder from the Casino when the game is about to start. Players not familiar with Blackjack can start with low-value betting and increase their bets as their confidence in their game grows. The live Blackjack game is played with six decks of cards, and players can split once per round. Both live Blackjack and the other Blackjack games have the same basic rules: the player needs to land a better hand than the dealer and not go bust. Cards are drawn on the instruction of the player after the initial ante cards are shown, and where there are doubles, players can split the cards and gain an extra hand giving more winning options with the bet being split between the two hands. The live blackjack games are the closest experience to land-based casinos that players can receive online or through mobile devices with interactive social behavior with the dealer.

The Play for Fun and Real Money Blackjack Games

Bovada Casino offers several excellent Blackjack games that can be played in a fun and real money mode. There are classic blackjack, single-deck, double-deck, and multi-hand games. The basis for all these games, like the live Blackjack, is the same, players need to hit twenty-one or get as close to it as possible with their hand of cards before the dealer does. Players are initially dealt two cards, one face up and one down. The dealer also has two cards, one face up and one down. The player then turns over his second card, and the game commences as he tries to guess if he can get close to or match twenty-one. Extra features in the Blackjack game include double down, taking one more card and finishing the game, or insurance options. Insurance, where included, is offered and recommended when the dealer's card is a face or an Ace. The insurance means that if the dealer does have Blackjack, the player will only lose half of his bet. And there is split for matching symbols, changing one hand into two. All these additional features and the large variety of games contribute to the fun of playing Blackjack at Bovada Casino.