Bovada March Madness Odds

March Madness is not a unique term started by Bovada. However, it is a nationwide term to describe the excitement and fun surrounding the NCAA basketball playoffs beginning in March. Bovada offers direct betting and up-to-date odds for all teams right down to the final four and the final itself. The NCAA is the infamous college basketball tournament supervised by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The men's basketball tournament starts with sixty-eight teams, and the women's tournament starts with sixty-four teams. It works on a knockout system, which is important to remember when looking at the odds and betting options at Bovada.

The Changing Odds of the NCAA

Bovada keeps track of all the changes and games from the very first game that is played. A list of all the teams with the date and time they are being played is advertised at Bovada, and next to each team, players can see the odds and tap on the betting options. Betting options include betting on a winner, a loser, and a tie for each match, and there are some additional bigger bets with higher odds on things like who will be in the final four and who will win. The odds for each team are displayed like football odds, with a plus for the underdog and a minus for the favorite next to the number, which is the amount that a player needs to be to win $100. Bovada promises up-to-date reporting on results and payouts where earned are immediate through one of the secure and encrypted funds transfer options provided in the banking area.