Bovada NFL Lines

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The NFL Betting System at Bovada

Bovada is not the only sportsbook offering bets on the NFL, but it is probably the only place where players can feel entirely secure and comfortable. There are three main types of bets on the teams playing in an NFL match. The side bet is also called the point spread, which is the most complex to understand. The favorite team has a minus sign in front of a number as the odds, which refers to the cash needed to win $100 when betting on this team. So if the point spread reads -110, the player will need to spend $110 to win $100, meaning not great odds, but if it reads -60, he only needs to spend $60 to win $100. The underdog always has a plus sign next to the number, which also refers to the amount needed to win $100 when betting on the underdog. The total bet is either an under or an over bet. This is on the total number of points the final score will be; if it is under, then the payout is according to the under bet, and if over, the over bet odds are awarded. Finally, the Moneyline bet is the easiest bet of all to understand. This is a bet on the team and nothing more. The layout of the betting options includes the word rotation, and players should find the rotation number of the team they want to bet on and make sure they can identify it. The NFL is one of the most significant sporting events in America and deserves all the attention and glory it receives from Bovada and its members.