Insider Tips to Increase Your Chances at Slot Machines

Gods of Luxor Slots

Slots, like all Casino games, are controlled by random number generators. This implies that the results of the game can never be predicted. The random number generator is a guarantee that every spin brings a random winning payout. So how is it possible to increase winning chances when playing Slots games? Firstly, a player must know the slot game and understand all the winning possibilities. He needs to study and review the paytable and even play the game in practice mode a few times. Once he feels confident and familiar with the game, he can start placing low-value coin-size bets but making sure he is placing maximum bets. With a maximum bet, the player covers all betting requirements and possibilities.

Triggering Bonus Games and Extra Winning Possibilities

Slots include many different bonuses that are also triggered at random, but some can be bought. Lately, video slots offer games with ante-bet options and buy-bet options. The ante bet increases the number of triggering symbols in the game, increasing the chance of bonuses being triggered. The buy bet option offers a chance to buy free spins or other bonuses, reducing the waiting time for rewards to be triggered. Each slots game offers different bonuses with certain triggering symbols, and there is no knowing when the bonus will be triggered. With the buy option, players can be assured of an immediate bonus game, but it does cost them. One more theory supports constant winning, although it can take a long time. The Martindale theory supports that every lost bet should be followed with a bet double the size so that eventually when the player does win, he can win back all his money. The theory is good, but it can take hundreds of spins to win back all the betted amount as players learn. When playing slots, players need to resign themselves to the facts, slots are fun games, and although it is great to win, sometimes it is a game just for fun, and there may be losses. Lucky players enjoy the big wins, and even more fortunate players enjoy payouts from progressive jackpots.