How Do No-Sweat Bets Work

There are many promotions, and special feature offers at online and mobile Sportsbooks. The latest and very popular option is the No Sweat Bets, which give funds back to the player if he loses. The funds are not transferable and not cash to use. The way it works is straightforward and also very clever. Players deposit between $10 to $1000 and make their first bet on one of the top sports games or special events that the sportsbook offers. If the player wins, the winning bet is his, and he can smile, laugh, and withdraw all the money. If he loses, he will receive free bets equal to the amount he has lost. This is not money to withdraw; he can re-bet the funds and try again.

Advantages of the No Sweat Bet

Currently, the No Sweat Bet option is offered at Fan Duel Sportsbook, and the credit given can only be used once, and if the player wins on his second bet, then the money is his. If he loses, the money is lost. The first bet's credit must be used within fourteen days of the second bet. Otherwise, it is lost. The massive advantage of this system is the free money that players receive to re-bet. If they have already decided to commit an amount to a bet, then their mindset understands they could lose. This No Sweat system gives the player another chance and encourages him to place higher bets since he has two chances to win. No Sweat Bets are available at Fan Duel Sportsbook and are being used at other sportsbooks encouraging players to enjoy live sports betting more and more.