How to Win at the Casino with $20

Any bet can potentially win hundreds and even millions in payouts on the suitable game and with the right luck. Yes, slots games are about luck, but sometimes choosing the suitable game and correctly placing bets can bring the player a massive return on his investment, even if it is only $20. Of course, the tips and tricks given here are not a sure bet, but they can help and guide players who only have $20 to earn higher payouts and hopefully even win one of the jackpot options.

Choose a Game with Good Return to Player

The Return to Player, also known as the RTP, is a percentage amount calculated over time. The RTP is the amount the player can receive in return for his bet, and a good RTP is between 95% and 97%. Of course, there is never a 100% return since the casino and game take some of the winnings, but over time a good return can mean bigger winnings than bets. The return to player of any slots game is advertised with information about the game.

Jackpot Slots Have an Extra Winning Angle

Although the jackpot slots generally have a lower return to player, they have the added bonus of jackpots. These jackpots are progressive and grow with each bet placed. There are some slots games with more than one progressive jackpot. The jackpots can be triggered randomly, or a set of symbols on the reels can reward the player with a jackpot payout. So any bet, no matter how large or small, has the potential to bring the player a good return and jackpot win.

Check the Coin Size Options

Every slots game has a paytable filled with information about the game, including the coin size options. Games with low-value coin sizes are more attractive to players with only $20 to spare, which means they can place more bets. Where possible, placing bets on all paylines or the maximum bet possible within budget limitations is always recommended. The maximum coin bet is not the same as the maximum bet, which can be the maximum number of coins. And some of the slots games offer an autoplay where the number of spins can be preset.

Claim All Bonuses When Playing Slots Games

The bonuses and promotions offered are always worthwhile, even when placing only $20 in bets. Match-up bonuses can double the player's input, and there are cashback offers or free spins. Even referring a friend to the casino brings a bonus and gives the player more funds to use on the slots and other casino games. Claiming the bonus is usually through bonus codes, and ensuring the correct bonuses and details are matched is essential. Players with only $20 to spare should never feel like they cannot afford to play slots or other games. These are games based on luck; even a bet of $0.01 can bring massive payouts, bonuses, free spins in the slots, and progressive jackpot payouts.