The Evolution of Slot Machines: From Liberty Bell to Video Slots

Slots are stable in every Casino, whether playing at online or mobile Casinos or land-based Casinos, where the slots greet visitors at the entrance. The concept of slots began in 1894 in the garage of a man named Charles Fey. He played with spinning drums, made a hole in each drum, and watched as they came to rest and sometimes lined up. He then made markings on each drum in the same position, including hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs, and a liberty bell. He managed to arrange a mechanical sensor so that a jackpot was paid out when three liberty bell symbols lined up next to each other in the windows. He then added a coin hole, and the gadget became known as the Liberty Bell, the first original slot machine. Unfortunately, Fey did not patent the game, and it was soon copied by big Companies who took the idea further and commercialized it, creating slot machines. A lever controlled the game, and slots were called one-armed bandit machines.

The Developments in Mechanical Slots Machines Moving to Video Slots Games

Over the following years, many companies adapted and updated these mechanical machines and created more complex options, but all worked on mechanical systems. The one-armed bandits became a popular gaming choice, and players would bet pennies hoping to win fortunes. These games were also known as penny slot machines. Over the years, their popularity grew, and engineering companies saw profitability. In 1964, over fifty years later, the first electromechanical slot game was launched by Bally, who offered faster results from electronic machines. And then, just over a decade later, the video slots game was launched on a TV monitor where players would press a button and see digital images spinning and rewards being gained in front of their eyes. The TV video slots became as popular as Pacman and video games, and twenty years later, Microgaming launched the first instant-play online slots games. By this time, many software providers realized the benefits of online gaming. They started working on more gaming options leading to a flourishing market and many different types of online games. Online Casinos were initially accessed through dial-up options, but as the technology developed, so did the gaming access. In 2004, the first instant-access mobile slots were launched, creating a game that did not need downloading and could be played from anywhere and at any time. Since then, online and mobile slots have become a massive industry with thousands of slot options, games, bonuses, and layouts. Three, five, six, and seven reel games have set paylines, winning ways, and group payouts. Some games with progressive jackpots are linked to other Casinos offering the same games. Some games offer free spins, pick-and-win options, matching and changing symbols, growing reels, bonus trails, bonus wheels, and games with interactive challenges. Every game has a theme and is filled with colorful symbols and interesting backgrounds taking players to the future, into the past and historical events, and through worlds of fantasy and make-believe. Dial-up access to online Casinos is history, and all Casinos online now offer instant play, with mobile Casinos offering instant play through the web browser and access through specific apps to the slots games. From the garage of a San Francisco mechanic over one hundred years ago, the world of slots has become a multi-million dollar industry that is exciting, interesting, and full of different themes and styles.