Cracking the Code: How Random Number Generators Work in Online Slots

A random number generator, is shortened to RNG, is not much discussed in online and mobile gaming, but it should be. The random number generator is what is behind the fairness of each game. It is a computer algorithm set by very clever programmers who ensure that every spin of the slots or throw of the dice is random and, therefore, totally fair. The random number generator is applied to each game and becomes the central controlling agent of each slot's game. No one is really meant to know how it works because then it can be overridden.

Return to Player and Random Number Generator Comparison

Games The return to the player in slots is a percentage of returns or winnings that the player wins over time. The random number generator is much more technological and is a setting that ensures every symbol appears randomly during spins or bonus games are triggered randomly. Because of the random nature of the random number generator, players can never predict a winning payout and, more importantly, are assured that every game is fair. The random generator setting is applied to all Casino games. It is especially apparent in slots where players can run many spins before the bonus games are triggered or the wild or bonus symbols appear. This is why many new slot games now offer the buy-in feature that allows them to buy free spins or bonus games and not wait for the random trigger. Without the random number generator, players would not support the games or Casinos because they would not receive any assurance of fair play.