Classic vs. Modern Slots: Which Is Right for You?

Choosing the best slots to play is not brain science but requires some thought and even practice. All good slot games can be played in demo mode before placing real money betting amounts, giving the player time to learn the game. But before playing games in a fun mode, the player should learn a little about each game and understand the differences and the variables within each game. Every slots game, called pokies in Australia, is different, and each game offers the player an exciting and winning experience with multiple opportunities.

Three Reel Classic Slots Games

Three reel slots games are traditionally known as the classic slots game. These games are simple in their layout, and many are also simple in their winning options with one to five paylines. Some games have more options, such as wilds used to complete paylines, scatters that offer free spins, and multiplying symbols. Several classic slot games also include extra features such as bonus trails, progressive jackpots, and off-screen games. Playing the game in practice mode lets players see if this is the game for them.

Five Reel Video Slots, Known as Modern Slots

Five reel video slots developed soon after the classic slots games that evolved from the original one-armed bandit games of Charles Fey. The five reel slots can have set paylines, multi-directional winning ways, and also offer group or cluster payouts. The group and cluster payouts morph away and create room for new symbols to take their place when appearing on reels creating more winning options, more fun, and more reasons to keep playing. Some slots with cluster payouts increase multipliers the more consecutive clusters there are. The video slots include many bonuses and special features triggered on and off-screen. They have free spins, pick-and-win games, changing and expanding symbols and reels, instant payouts, holds, nudges, interactive options, and gamble buttons. Many modern slots include progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpot rises with each bet and can be won randomly, with set symbols, or when completing tasks. Every slots game, both video slots and classic slots, has a theme and includes colorful symbols on exciting backgrounds. The games include fantasy, nature, water, everyday events, history, and superheroes. Choosing between the games is a personal choice, and players may also want to look at the return to player for each game before making their choice. The return to the player is the amount the player can win back over time; it is not the amount he will win back from one bet. Any chosen slot game is fun, exciting, and potentially rewarding, with many different coin sizes and choices for players to enjoy.